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Active Components delivered from Stolz Electronics AG Switzerland:

Active components: An electronic circuit consisting entirely of passive components is called a passive circuit, and has the same properties as a passive component. If a component is not passive, then it is an active component. Typically active components are Lights, light pipes, SMD, receiver, antennas, LEDs, indicatory a.s.o. See more informations about active components here. Please check out our products (active components delivered by Stolz Electroni AG Switzerland) and send us your inquiry. We will answer as soon as possible.

Light pipesLight pipesOptopipe standart & customInfoInfoSend Inquiry
LEDSMD, side viewPRISM series w. optical lensInfoInfoSend Inquiry
LEDSMD, top viewSMD, Micro-LED, chip & PLCCInfo Info Send Inquiry
ReceiversTest & measurementTime code generator, field strength indicatorInfo InfoSend Inquiry
ReceiversEquipmentGPS antennaInfoInfo Send Inquiry
ReceiversEquipmentFSK receiverInfoInfoSend Inquiry
ReceiversEquipmentReceiver technology, weather and data servicesInfo InfoSend Inquiry
ReceiversEquipmentActive antenna, radio controlled clocksInfoInfoSend Inquiry
ReceiversAssembliesAntenna, receiver moduleInfo InfoSend Inquiry
ReceiversTime code receiver ICDCF-77 / WWVB / JJY / MSF / FSKInfo InfoSend Inquiry
OptoelectricOpto-switchesStandard, special purp. and custom devicesInfoInfoSend Inquiry
OptoelectricOpto-couplersSpecial Purpose 6 Pin DIL and SMDInfo Info Send Inquiry
OptoelectricOpto-couplerssingle, dual, quad device with various outputsInfoInfoSend Inquiry
LEDLED, LED replacement bulbs, neon, incandescentSnap-In, watertight, military indicatorsInfo InfoSend Inquiry
LEDPanel mount indicatorLED replacement bulbsInfoInfo Send Inquiry
LEDPanel mount indicatorUp to 1 Inch mounting holeInfo InfoSend Inquiry
LEDAssembled LEDsSingle, dual and quad block through holeInfoInfoSend Inquiry

Active Components

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