Suppliers Line Chart

IGBT Driver Boards / Smart Power Stack with new Power Stack Communication System


RF Coils, Standard & SMD, Toroid, Power Chokes EMI/RFI Suppressors / Transformers


Connectors, USB, Mini USB, RJ45, DDR2, FPC, HDMI, Flash Memory Card Sockets


Caddock Electronics Inc.
High Precision Resistors, Power Film, Precision & Ultra-Precision Networks, Voltage Dividers


Celduc Relais SA
Reed-, Solid-State-, 1-& 3-Phase-Relais Heat sinks, DIN Rail, Analyse & Control Units


SMD Iductors, PFC Choke Coils, EMC Chokes DC/DC Converters & Gate Driver Transformers


Piezo Buzzers, SMT Piezo Buzzers, Piezo & Electro-Magnetic Transducers & Buzzers


Dialight Corp.
Circuit Board Indicator (Standard & SMD), Light Pipes, Panel mount Indicator


Fuji Electric
IGBT-Modules, PIM Modules, IPM-Modules, Discrete IGBT, MOS-FET, IGBT Drivers


Systems for Radio Controlled Time & Weather Information, DCF Measurement & Test Devices


Isocom Components
Optocouplers 4, 6, 8, 16 PIN DIL & SMD Miniflat, Half Pitch, High Speed


Test Pin, Spacer, Connectors, Jumper, SMD/THT Pin Inserts, Wire Wrap Terminal, SMD Base


Nidec-Copal Electronics
Trimmer, Potentiometer, Slide Switches, Selector Switches, Rotary Coded Switches


Novacap – Knowles
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors SMD & THT, EMI-Filter, Stacked Capacitors


Rubycon Corporation
Alu Elko’s, Radial, Snap-in, THT, SMD, Low ESR, Low Profile, High Ripple, EDLC, Power Supplies


Discrete Triacs, Thyristor and Diodes Diode Modules, Thyristor & Triac Modules


Syfer Technology – Knowles
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, SMD, High Q, High Temperature X8R, Safety Certified, EMI-Filters

Company address:

Stolz Electronics AG
Im Langacker 20
CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Phone & Email:

Telephone: +41 (0) 56 4849000
E-Mail: info(at)

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