Power products (IGBT & Solid State Relais)

Power products delivered from Stolz Electronics AG Switzerland:

ComponentProduct StyleDescriptionOur SupplierSupplier Link
Reed relaysRelaisReed relay in DIP & SIP, reed contactCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Motor controlSoft start, Reverser, Digital proportional ControllerCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Temperature controllerCurrent monitor and communication Interface in one UnitCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Solid state relais with diagnosticsPermanent load current monitoringCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)1 phasePCB, DIN rail, Zero Cross, RandomCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)2 phaseCompact 2 Relais in Size of Sigle PhaseCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)3 phaseRandom, Zero Cross, Resistive load, ReverserCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)DC relaisMOS-FET, Bipolar, IGBT TechnologyCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)AccessoriesHeat sink, DIN Rail Adapter, Protection FlapsCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Railway IndustryRailway Applications – See our solutionsCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Plastic IndustryPlastic-Applications – See our solutionsCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Food IndustryFood Applications – See our solutionsCelducInfo
Solid state relay (SSR)Packing IndustryPacking Applications – See our solutionsCelducInfo
TriacDiscrete TriacTG- FamilySanRexInfo
ThyristorThyristor ModuleSCE, SCA, PK, PD FamiliesSanRexInfo
SemiconductorPower SemicunductorSIC MOSFET, DIP 3-Phase Diode BridgeSanRexInfo
SICSIC Mosfet Module2 in 1 SIC Mosfet Module, FCA-SeriesSanRexInfo
IGBTModulesIPM, PIM, 2-Pack, 6-Pack, 3-LevelFujiInfo
IGBTModulesDiscrete Silicon IGBT adn MOSFET, SI -DiodesFujiInfo
TransistorSiC DevicesSMD & standard on requestFujiInfo
TransistorPower MOS FETSMD & standard, 30-900VFujiInfo
DiscreteSsemiconductorVariousDiodes, Transistors, IGBT, SIC, Mosfet, Voltage Regulators and moreMCCInfo

power products

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