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Inductors and Sensors: An inductor (also called a coil, choke or reactor) is a passive two-terminal electrical component which stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. An inductor typically consists of an insulated wire wound into a coil. Source: Wikipedia.

TransformerChip TransformerExcellent transfer behaviour andInfoInfoSend Inquiry
CoilsSMD Rod Air CoilesCustomized SMD Air coilesInfoInfo Send Inquiry
ChokesSMD Rod Core chokesCustomized SMD Rod core chokesInfo Info Send Inquiry
InductorsChip InductorsHigh-quality and efficient chipInfo InfoSend Inquiry
Resistive-sensorPotentiometer for sensor/man. settingConductive plastic, wire wound, cermetInfo Info Send Inquiry
Optical-sensorRotary encoderOptical type, resolution up to 1024Info InfoSend Inquiry
Position-sensorActuator permanent magnetCoated and bare magnetsInfoInfoSend Inquiry
Position-sensorInductive & reed sensorLevel, position, security sensorInfoInfo Send Inquiry
High Power ComponentsControl chokes for PFCLow-loss windingsInfoInfoSend Inquiry
High Power ComponentsCurrent compensating chokesHigh resonance frequenciesInfoInfoSend Inquiry
High Power ComponentsStorage chokesFlat wireInfo InfoSend Inquiry
High Power ComponentsEnergy Transfer Transformer10 kHz and 500 kHzInfo InfoSend Inquiry
TransformerFerrite coreSwitching frequency 30 to 500kHzInfo InfoSend Inquiry
InductorsPower factor correction chokesspecial core material and low loss windingInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsData Line Interference SuppressionHigh permeable materialInfoInfo Send Inquiry
InductorsInterference suppression chokesSmall self-capacitanceInfoInfoSend Inquiry
FilterEMI / RFITrough hole, open & mouldedInfo InfoSend Inquiry
InductorsToroidsTorodial CoilsInfoInfo Send Inquiry
InductorsPower inductorsRadial, high current, open & molded partsInfo Info Send Inquiry
InductorsPower inductorsAxial, high current, open & molded partsInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsRF/HF inductorsRadial lead, moulded/open partsInfoInfo Send Inquiry
InductorsRF/HF inductorsAxial lead, moulded/open partsInfo InfoSend Inquiry
InductorsEMC CoilsAC Powerline,
DC Powerline,
Normal Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chokes
InfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsCurrent senseSMD / THTInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsWireless power transfer coilSuitable for WPC standard devicesInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsEMC CoilsAC Powerline,
DC Powerline,
Normal Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chokes
InfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsToroidsSMD Toroids Power ChokesInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsCeramic componentsChip inductors, EMI componentsInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsSignal MagneticsRF/Communication, RFID, Antennas, OthersInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsPower inductorsSMD parts in wide case and current rangeInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsPower Transformersurface Mount, Through Hole,
PoE Transformers,
Strobe Flash Transformers,
Switching Mode Power Supplies , Reactors,
Wireless Power Transfer Coils
InfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsRF/HF inductorsSMD 0402 to 1812 case sizeInfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsPower InductorsSurface Mount, Through Hole,
LPF Coils for Digital Amplifiers,
Wire Wound Chip Inductors
InfoInfoSend Inquiry
InductorsRF CoilSMD Air CoilInfoInfoSend Inquiry

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