Capacitors delivered from Stolz Electronics AG Switzerland:

Capacitors delivered from Stolz Electronics AG Switzerland: A capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field by virtue of accumulating electric charges on two close surfaces insulated from each other. It is a passive electronic component with two terminals. Source: Wikipedia.

Film capacitorPolyester, Polypropylene InfoInfoSend Inquiry
Ceramic filterSaftey and surgeY2/Y3, 250VAC, 1808 to 1812, COG X7RInfoInfo Send Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorStacked50V to 500V, 1812 to 7565, COG, X7RInfoInfo Send Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorHigh temperatureup to 200°C, COG X8RInfoInfoSend Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorCommercial chipup to 10kV, COG X7R polymer & stand. term.InfoInfo Send Inquiry
Ceramic filterX2Y chipSMD, feed throughInfo Info Send Inquiry
Ceramic filterEMI filter3 terminal EMI filter chip, SMDInfoInfoSend Inquiry
Ceramic filterEMI feed through filter3 terminal EMI filter chip, Pi, T, L, C, L-CInfo InfoSend Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorSaftey and surgeX/Y, 250VAC, 1808 to 2220, COG X7RInfoInfoSend Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorLeaded8111 to 8171, 50V to 5kVInfoInfo Send Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorMulti layer high voltage0603 to 8060, 500V to 5kVInfo Info Send Inquiry
Ceramic CapacitorMulti layer0603 to 8060, 16V to 500VInfo Info Send Inquiry
PolymerPolymer Multi-Layerup to 125°C, 16V to 63V, 1 to 22 uFInfoInfo Send Inquiry
PolymerConductive Polymer Alu Cap.-55°C to 125°C, 2V to 8V, 15 to 470 uFInfo Info Send Inquiry
EDLCElectric double layer cap.2.5V, 50°C to 70°C, 2.2F to 2300FInfo Info Send Inquiry
Alu ElkoPhotoflash-20°C to +71°C, lug and lead wireInfoInfo Send Inquiry
Alu ElkoScrew terminal85°C to 105°C, 10 to 500V, up to 680’000 uFInfoInfo Send Inquiry
Alu ElkoSMD85°C/105°C/125°C, up to 5’000h, 4V to 100VInfo Info Send Inquiry
Alu ElkoSnap-in85°C/105°C, up to 7’000h, various sizeInfo InfoSend Inquiry
Alu ElkoRadial85°C/150°C, max. 12’000h, 4V to 450VInfo Info Send Inquiry

Capacitors delivered from Stolz Electronics AG Switzerland

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