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Electro mechanics delivered from Stolz Electronics AG Switzerland: In engineering, electromechanics combines processes and procedures drawn from electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Electromechanics focuses on the interaction of electrical and mechanical systems as a whole and how the two systems interact with each other. This process is especially prominent in systems such as those of DC or AC rotating electrical machines which can be designed and operated to generate power from a mechanical process (generator) or used to power a mechanical effect (motor). Electrical engineering in this context also encompasses electronics engineering. Source: Wikipedia.
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ComponentProduct StyleDescriptionOur SupplierSupplier Link
AcousticBuzzer, SpeakerPiezo -, Magnetic and Mechanical Buzzers, Piezo Elements, Ultrasonic Annuncitor, SpeakerCre-SoundInfo
CableCustom Cables SolutionEthernet- , USB- , Video- , RF- , Circular- , Sata- , Crimp Connector Wire Harness- , LVDS- , FCC- and Power cablesAttendInfo
ConnectorFlash Memory SocketCF Express -, CFast Card -, CompactFlash -, microSD Card -, SD Cards and Smard Card SocketsAttendInfo
ConnectorPCB Card SocketM.2 NGFF and MXM Connectors
Mini PCI Express -, Mini PCI -, SO DIMM and SIM Card Socket
ConnectorI/O ConnectorUSB -, HDMI -, SFP/QSFP and OBD2 Connectors
RJ45 Jack
ConnectorRJ45 LAN Jack
(For POE And POE+)
RJ45 Magnetics Jacks, RJ45 Connectors, RJ45 With USBCoilmasterInfo
ConnectorCircular ConnectorM5, M8, M12, M23
Plastic A, B, C, D Size
Sealed I/O
ConnectorPower ConnectorPogo Pins, Battery ConnectorsAttendInfo
ConnectorBoard to BoardFPC ConnectorAttendInfo
ConnectorMicro Coaxial RF2x2x0.6mm, 4 Pad, H=1.25mm 3 PAD
H=1.25mm 4PAD
ConnectorWaterproof ConnectorDiverse Range of varied needsAttendInfo
EncoderRotary Encoder
(For sensor)
Incremental optical rotary encoderNidecInfo
EncoderRotary Encoder
(for manual setting)
Incremental magnetic rotary encoder
Joystick encoder
FanDC FanBrushless DC fan, Brushless DC side flow fan
Air flow: 0.01 m3/min to 0.36 m3/min
Static pressure: 4.7 Pa to 26 PA
Square: 16mm to 62 square
FanTurbo FanMicro Blowers and Driver
Rated Rotation Speed: 6’000~50’000 rpm
Minimum Flowrate: 5 L/min to 5 L/min
Operating Ambient Pressure: 770 to 1060 hPa
Light pipeLight pipesOptopipe standard & custom, single, multipleDialightInfo
Mechanics for PCBover 7000 itemsPin,Terminal, Connection terminal, Socket, Jumper, Spacer (Metal type), Spacer (Resin type), Spacer for SMT, For Power supply, Contact point,For high current, Wiring, For Panel, Jack, Plug, Connector, Connector for LED, Connector for Laser diode, Spring Probe, Conthrough, Screw, Nut, Washer, Bush, Rivet, Fitting for PCB, Hinge, Sheet, Heat dissipationMAC8Info
Radio controlled systemReceiver, Antenna’s, Weather ServiceTime code generator, Antennas, decosing Modul DCF77, MSF, AM, FSK, GPSHKWInfo
ReceiverReceiver AMTime code generator, Antennas, decosing Modul DCF77, MSFHKWInfo
ReceiverReceiver FSKEuropean Radio Control clock, DCF49, DCF39, HGA22HKWInfo
ReceiverReceiver GPSFSK receiverHKWInfo
ReceiverEquipmentGPS receiver technology weather data servicesHKWInfo
SensorLiquid Leak SensorWater (PP) / Corrosive fluids compatible with PFA
with UL, CE approvals
Applications Semi-conductor equipment, Industrial equipment, Pneumatic equipment, Medical devices, Analyzer

electro mechanics

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