Hybrid Polymer:

The conductive polymer-aluminum electrolytic capacitor “PZ-CAP” is a next-generation capacitor that supports high reliability by using a conductive polymer and an independently developed functional liquid as the cathode material instead of the electrolytic solution of a non-solid alminium electrolytic capacitor.

It is characterized by high ripple resistance and low ESR (equivalent series resistance) in the high frequency range, and is ideal for reducing the size and cost of automotive units as an electrolytic capacitor whose properties hardly change depending on temperature. It can also be used extensively as a power source for industrial and communication devices.

PMLCAP (Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitor) are film-based SMD capacitors formed by layering an ultra-thin dielectric polymer while metallizing aluminum on the surface. Rubycon’s unique vacuum metallization technology enables significant miniaturization compared to conventional metallized film capacitors.

SMD PML capacitors are used in consumer electronics in place of MLCs and electrolytic capacitors when a stable polymer dielectric with self-healing properties and high temperature is desired. PML capacitors have a very low ESR and ESL value, are very light and are free of piezoelectric effects. This results in low distortion characteristics and very low noise.